Learn More About Lynridge of Huntsville Assisted Living & Memory Care

Enjoy the highest level of hospitality and comfortable living in Huntsville, Alabama.

Lynridge of Huntsville Assisted Living & Memory Care

If the time has come to consider a more comfortable, safe, and social living environment for yourself or a loved one, learn more about Lynridge of Huntsville Assisted Living & Memory Care today. Our senior living community is a warm, welcoming, and comfortable haven for all Assisted Living and Memory Care residents.

Lynridge of Huntsville Assisted Living & Memory Care is a Sagora Senior Living community at 4801 Whietsport Cir SW in Huntsville, Alabama. We pride ourselves on providing first-class accommodation, hospitality, amenities, and services:

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Pet-friendly community

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Personalized programs and events

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Multiple living options

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Premium amenities

Our vibrant senior living community is located in a Medical Park, giving our residents peace of mind that they are never far from some of the best medical care providers in the city. We’re also conveniently near stores, eateries, parks, and local attractions.


Exquisite Apartment-Style Living for All Residents

We have many wonderful apartment-style units and rooms for our Assisted Living and Memory Care residents to enjoy. Our goal is to ensure all residents have their own space that feels like home.

We provide studios, companion suites, large studios, one-bedroom apartments, and deluxe onebedroom apartments. Our units are wheelchair-accessible with many safety features for peace of mind. Many of our units are also pet-friendly!

Dine in Style Daily

There’s more to meal times at Lynridge of Huntsville Assisted Living & Memory Care than meets the eye.

Our Memory Care and Assisted Living residents can feel like they’re dining in their favorite restaurant every day. It’s hard not to look forward to meal times in our senior living community! Our culinary team is always hard at work preparing delicious and visually appealing meals and snacks for our residents.

We also have many different dining environments to suit our residents’ preferences, including The Grill Room, Fusion Lounge, Chef’s Station, and bistro-style dining. Whether you prefer formal or casual dining, we ensure your dining needs are met. We also make it easy for our residents’ loved ones to dine with us!

Resident-Centered Care At All Times

We meet our residents where they are. This means we get to know our residents and provide individualized care to suit their needs.

Whether you’re in Assisted Living or Memory Care, you can enjoy a broad range of services and amenities to help you live life to the fullest and enjoy our senior living community to its full potential. Inquire about our available services and amenities today, including:



Safety-equipped bathrooms


Life enrichment programs


Healthcare services

Customized rooms for safety

Daily living assistance

Welcome to Huntsville, Alabama

Our senior living community is just one of many reasons to consider calling Huntsville, Alabama, your new home. This vibrant city has much to offer.

Huntsville, Alabama, is a Madison County city in the Tennessee River Valley bordering the cities of Madison, Triana, Decatur, Athens, and Owens Cross Roads. It’s within 100 miles of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and 184 miles of Atlanta, Georgia. Its central location makes it desirable for many individuals and families.

There’s much to see, do, and experience in and around Huntsville, Alabama, like museums, art festivals, and libraries. There is also no shortage of parks, with more than 60 within the city limits, including John Hunt Park. This park spans 428 acres with tennis courts, walking trails, soccer fields, and more.

Retire in Style in Huntsville, Alabama

If the time has come to plan for comfortable living in your retirement years, look no further than Lynridge of Huntsville Assisted Living & Memory Care. With comfortable apartment-style units, delicious food, and enriching social activities in an environment of safety, you can feel right at home in our community.

There’s much to look forward to when you decide to call our senior living community home, including:


Safe and comfortable accommodation


A pet-friendly community


Personalized care programs


Comfortable communal spaces


Respectful assistance


And more…

Visit Lynridge of Huntsville Assisted Living & Memory Care Today

You deserve to have all the facts before exploring new living arrangements. Schedule a tour of our vibrant senior living community in Huntsville, Alabama, to learn more. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you get settled in.